About us


Jamie Yamagata

Jamie got a bachelor's degree in television (it's a real thing, that's what it says on the diploma!) and started working at KGMB in 1999. Since then she's been doing video production for small businesses, nonprofits and schools. She loves Game of Thrones, chocolate and her kids, not in that order (usually, depending on the day), and is known for her ridiculously picky eating habits.


Nolan Hong

Nolan was raised in his family's restaurant, House of Hong in Waikiki. He started his career as a small business owner, opening Fighter's Corner in Kalihi 2010. From there he went into advertising, working in both TV and print, and now you can hear him on 102.7 Da Bomb. He loves dogs, is terrified of birds, and is known for his spot-on karaoke impersonations.

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