Facebook for Business: 3 Easy Tips to Increase Engagement


Easy tips for using facebook for business

Using facebook for business used to be a no-brainer, but it’s not so easy these days. Facebook wants businesses to pay to be seen by their customers. The way around that is to get your followers (the people who “like” your business page) to engage with you on facebook. That means they … Read More

Ideas for Your Business Blog


Business Blog

You’ve heard it’s good to have a blog for your business, and why not? It’s free if you already have a website and pretty easy to get started. But then what? A business blog is good because it can help you rank higher in google search by bring up your SEO (search engine optimization). … Read More

3 Video Tips for Non-Video People



Raise your game with these easy video tips! Do your videos need some help? Here are three easy ways to up your quality without breaking the bank. The shot. Assuming you’re shooting with your phone, turn it horizontal. Vertical videos are fine for personal stuff, but if you’re representing your business or organization, you don’t want a skinny … Read More