Facebook for Business: 3 Easy Tips to Increase Engagement


Easy tips for using facebook for business

Using facebook for business used to be a no-brainer, but it’s not so easy these days. Facebook wants businesses to pay to be seen by their customers.

The way around that is to get your followers (the people who “like” your business page) to engage with you on facebook. That means they “like”, comment and click on your posts. The more people engage with your post, the more likely it is that facebook will rank that post higher in other people’s feeds.

In other words, if people like your post, facebook will like your post, and more people will see it. If people don’t like your post, facebook will bury it and it’ll get sucked into a black hole of food collages and baby pics.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Small Business Facebook Page

3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Business Facebook Page1. POST VIDEOS!

  • I’m not just saying that because we’re a video marketing company. Facebook loves video, which means videos are way more likely to show up on your follower’s wall than any other type of post (text, pic or link).
    • Things to remember:
      • The video needs to be uploaded to facebook. Facebook is at war with youtube, so don’t expect a link to a youtube video that you share on facebook to show up on your follower’s feed.
      • Use subtitles. Video that was uploaded to facebook will autoplay when someone scrolls thru their feed. But there’s no sound on autoplay, so your best bet is to make the video interesting even without sound.
      • Don’t worry about quality (this is how you know I’m not just saying this to get jobs). People are very forgiving these days. Chewbacca Mom is not a high-quality professional piece, but people love it. It’s genuine, she’s so full of joy, just thinking of her laugh makes me smile. Facebook users don’t need your video to be a work of art. Just be yourself.


  • This applies to all of your marketing efforts, but it bears repeating here. When I see something that’s obviously an advertisement on my feed, I’m going to scroll on by. Not gonna click on it, definitely not gonna share it. I might even hide it and block all posts from that company. But if I see something that looks like it might be helpful to me or to someone I know, that’ll make me pause, maybe click, and possibly share. Facebook is about relationships. Be helpful, build trust. Show people you care about them and maybe they’ll return the favor.


  • Pics supposedly don’t get preferred status on facebook right now, but if you’re able to tag people in a pic or a regular text status, odds are good the pic will show up on the feeds of that person’s friends. Don’t be annoying about it though. Only tag if that person is in the pic or if the status is specifically relevant to them. If you tag all your friends in all your posts, don’t be surprised if they block you. NOTE: You can only tag your facebook friends or people who “like” your business page. No random tagging.
    • Basic tagging for facebook newbies:
      • PICS: Upload the pic, hover over it and some icons will pop up. Click on the one that looks like a person. The pic will open up. Click on someone and a text box will open. Start typing the person’s name and click on it when it appears. Save and Post.
      • TEXT STATUS: If I want to say “Anne Shirley is a fantastic teacher!”, I start typing “@Anne” and facebook will pull up a list of all the “Anne”s that I’m friends with. Click on “Anne Shirley”, write the rest of the status update and post.

I hope this was helpful! Please email or contact us on facebook or LinkedIn if you have any comments or if you need clarification on anything. We’ll be back to talk about Facebook Live in a later post 🙂