Pricing & Samples

The first step for every project is to meet, so we can get to know you, your organization, your goals. After that, the process varies depending on what you want to do. We have some packages outlined below (click the images to view the videos), but please know everything is customizable and we'd be happy to make a proposal to meet your needs.


COST: $1,250 + tax
An authentic testimonial from a happy customer or employee is an effective way to bring heart to your business.


Pre-interview by phone

1-hour shoot at one location, one interviewee

Edit with music, 1-2 minutes long

Price discount for 3+ testimonials shot on the same day at one location

FPH Testimonial Josh

Social Media Series

COST: $1,750 + tax
Give quick tips, answer FAQs, share wisdom. Be helpful, liven up your feed and position yourself as a leader in your field.


1-hour shoot at one location, up to three interviewees

Green screen (optional)

Edit with music, up to 6 videos, each less than 1 minute long

Price discount for 3+ hours scheduled on the same day at one location

HB Wahine Wednesdays #1


COST: $2,500 + tax
If you have the budget, running an ad on TV or online is a good way to reach a broad audience.



Half-day shoot at up to 2 locations

Professional voice-over (if applicable)

Edit with music, 15- or 30-seconds long

Ultimate Foot Store

Highlight Reel

COST: $3,000 + tax
Show, don't tell. This works best for groups with strong visuals (think kids, not accountants).



Full-day shoot, can be split over two days

Edit with music, 1-2 minutes long

Art Explorium

Company Overview

COST: $7,500 + tax
The best of all worlds. Use interviews to get to the heart of what you do, visuals to paint a picture, narration to make connections.



Pre-interviews (if applicable)

4 half-day shoots, one location per shoot

Edit with music, 3-5 minutes long


Everybody has a different story to tell. If you don't see anything here that works for you, let's talk about it!
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