3 Video Tips for Non-Video People



Raise your game with these easy video tips!

Do your videos need some help? Here are three easy ways to up your quality without breaking the bank.

  • The shot. Assuming you’re shooting with your phone, turn it horizontal. Vertical videos are fine for personal stuff, but if you’re representing your business or organization, you don’t want a skinny vertical picture and big black bars on either side. Horizontal feels more professional and you get more visual space to work with. And get a tripod (google “tripod” and your phone model). Steady shots look more professional.
Vertical Video

Vertical = Boooo

Horizontal Video

Horizontal = Hooray!!!

  • Lighting! So important. For a basic business video, you want your picture to be bright and the colors vibrant. That means you need good light. Natural light (from the sun) is awesome, but keep in mind the time of day because light changes as the sun moves. Shoot during the day if possible. If you’re outside, keep the sun behind the camera so it illuminates your subject without blowing out the picture. If you’re inside, try to shoot next to a window but keep the window behind the camera (same as with the sun). If you have to shoot at night, turn on all the lights. Some cameras work better in low-light than others, but the picture isn’t going to be as nice when the light isn’t there.

Things get tricky when the sun isn’t behind the camera

  • Audio! Also super important. Maybe less so now because of auto-play (I’m getting so used to watching videos without sound, I get annoyed now if I have to hear the audio to know what’s going on) but if you want to make your video work silent-movie style, that’s gonna take some graphics and more thought into the editing. If you’re just starting out, make sure you get good audio. In an ideal world, you’ll get a microphone. Google “microphone” and your phone model and you should be able to find some cheap options. If you can’t get a mic, the person talking needs to be close to the phone. Do a test to see how far away the subject can be and still sound good when you play the clip back. Turn off anything in the area that makes noise – air conditioners, fans, cell phones. Don’t shoot outside on a windy day, you won’t be able to hear anything.

There’s a ton more you can do, but these tips should help you get started. Send us a message or connect with us on social media (links below) you have any questions!